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Steel Sheet Polishing & Sheet Polishing Services

Steel Sheet Polishing Services

Chesterfield Steel offers steel sheet polishing services to help you meet surface requirements and assist in part manufacturing. Polishing lines use abrasives in order to improve the overall surface finish of the product. Chesterfield can offer max 12 RA finishing on polished blanks.

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Advantages of Sheet Polishing

There are a number of different advantages to utilizing sheet polishing services on your product.

  • Improved sanitary aspect of the steel
  • Rust inhibitors and dry lubes assist in part manufacturing
  • Helps you meet your surface requirements
  • Cosmetic – achieve almost a mirrored type finish


  • 50,000 lb coil weight max
  • 16,000 lb exit weight max
  • Entry ID: 20-24”
  • Thickness Range: -.018” - .125”
  • Width Range: 12” – 72”
  • Length Range: 12” – 144”

Types of Steel

Chesterfield can polish most steel sheet, however the most common types of steel polished are:

Industries & Applications

Most polished blanks are utilized in the automotive and heavy equipment industries, particularly heavy trucking equipment.

Why Chesterfield?

Chesterfield Steel provides what our customers call “The Chesterfield Experience.” We have a proven track record of performing to these high standards for more than 60 years. Be it ¼ tolerance, 100% on time deliveries, exceptional quality with zero claims, just to name a few. Chesterfield will meet the challenge.  We can also provide Gauge Enhancement and Thickness Reduction. After thorough analysis and by choosing the correct material and processing, we can guarantee material as low as +/-.001”. Interested in an inventory management partner? Chesterfield has experience management customer’s inventory through programs like stock and release and just-in-time delivery, giving you the convenience of one invoice for the entire process. Get a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is steel sheet polished?

A: Polishing lines use abrasives to improve the overall surface finish of a product.  Chesterfield offers up to 12 RA finishing on polished blanks.

Q: What are the benefits of steel sheet polishing?

A: Aside from cosmetic purposes, sheet polishing offers improved sanitation and can assist in meeting surface requirements.  Any rust inhibitors and dry lubes can benefit in the manufacturing of parts.

Q: What is the difference between polishing and buffing?

A: The main difference between polishing and buffing is the grit of the abrasive used in the process.  Polishing uses a high grit abrasive, whereas buffing utilizes a low grit abrasive.

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