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Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel - HRPO+
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Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Steel Sheet & Coil

What is Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel?

Hot rolled pickled and oiled steel is steel that has been descaled of an oxide film and oiled to help fight corrosion. During the pickling process, hot rolled steel is descaled in a hydrochloric acid bath. The scale-free surface benefits forming, bending, stamping, and painting both in production savings and the quality of the finished part. The pickling and oiling process produces hot rolled steel that is durable and has improved formability while providing a cleaner surface for painting with a limited barrier to rust formation. Chesterfield supplies hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet & coil.

Looking for an alternative to cold-rolled steel?  HRPO+ may be the solution you've been searching for!  HRPO+ is well suited to many applications as it is often more readily available and cost-effective.  Not sure if HPRO+ is right for your application? 


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Advantages of Our HRPO+ Steel Sheet & Coil

Chesterfield Steel offers a superior hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet & coil that can often be used as an alternative to cold rolled steel. Chesterfield’s HRPO+ steel provides:

Superior Gauge Control

  • Head to Tail
  • Edge to Edge
  • “1/4 ASTM Standard”

Enhanced Surface

  • Mill order surface as 60RA max with the ability to further enhance through processing
  • Suitable for critically exposed applications
  • 2-Side Prime
  • Paintable as ordered from the mill

Product Performance Repeatability

  • Not only from coil to coil but from shipment to shipment
  • “Set it and Forget it” processing allows for production and operating efficiencies

Other Advantages

  • Preferred by production departments across the country due to less line-stop adjustments needed
  • When compared to cold rolled: HRPO is more ductile, can extend tooling life, has a lower cost per piece
  • Consistent and predictable physical and chemical characteristics
  • Non-Earring
  • Enhanced yield
  • Multi-directional mechanical properties
  • Unrivaled shape control
  • Engineered and designed to meet the demands of your part
  • Attributes of “specialty” available regardless of grade or chemistry

Which process is right for your specific application?

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HRPO+ Product Capabilities

We make metals do what others can't because our technical experts are driven to exceed expectations across the most demanding applications.

  • Grades: SAE 1006 -  1010, GR45 - GR80 ; ASTM A1011 & A1018
  • Thickness: 0.055" - 0.240"
  • Width: Up to 72"



  • Thickness: 0.018" - 0.250"
  • Width: 1.125" - 72"
  • ID/OD: 20" - 24" / 72" max
  • Weight: 50,000 lbs max coil
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  • Thickness: 0.018" - 0.134"
  • Width: 8" - 72"
  • Length: 12" - 144"
  • Cuts: 5 max

Hot Rolled Pickled & Oiled Benefits

There are a number of advantages to a pickled steel product. First, the pickling and oiling process produces a hot rolled steel that offers improved workability, including forming, bending, and stamping. HRPO steel is better for bending and deep drawing applications. Additional benefits include:

Better Painting

Hot rolled pickled and oiled products lend to easier painting due to the surface being free from impurities such as stains and rust. This allows you to:

  • Achieve glossy finishes with less paint
  • Achieve better paint adhesion that avoids chipping

Improved Welding

Because HRPO steel has a scale-free surface, welding is significantly improved:

  • Eliminate weld seam grinding
  • Achieve precise measurement and welding of large fabrications without re-work with the use of robotic welding techniques
  • Reduce labor for manual welds
  • HRPO products require no pre-cleaning due to the thick oil layer of electrostatically applied microns burning off in welding

Improved Bending, Forming, & Stamping

HRPO steel products have improved workability and, thus, improved bending, forming, and stamping.

  • Improve lifespan of press brake and stamping dies
  • Achieve deeper draw with a lubricated, clean surface
  • Avoid delays due to consistent die cleanup

Easier Laser Burning

By using HRPO steel, you can increase your laser production and speed laser burning by roughly 15%. With HRPO steel you can achieve:

  • Closer tolerances/nesting with less scrap between parts
  • Consistent results
  • Automatic and manual part surface inspection

Avoid Blasting Costs

With hot rolled pickled and oiled steel sheet & coil, you can avoid an extra step in your production process and the cleanup and costs associated with blasting.

  • Remove extra production step
  • Eliminate costs associated with blasting (maintenance, cleanup)
  • Eliminate smoke and residue

HRPO+ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is HRPO?

A: HRPO is steel that has been descaled of an oxide film and oiled to help fight corrosion.  Hot rolled steel is descaled in a hydrochloric acid bath during the pickling process.  The scale-free surface benefits bending, forming, stamping, and painting both in production savings and the overall quality of the finished part.

Q: What does the (+) represent in HRPO+?

A: Chesterfield identifies this specialized product with a (+) symbol to recognize the added value that our product will bring to your process. Unlike traditional HRPO, our HRPO+ brings an exceptionally smooth surface that is both top and bottom side prime. We provide a thickness tolerance up to 4 times tighter than the ASTM Standard, which is CONSISTANT from end to end, as well as side to side.  

Q: Is HRPO+ superior to cold-rolled steel?

A: HRPO+ and cold rolled both have their ideal applications.  When compared to cold rolled, HRPO+ is more ductile, can extend tooling life, and is a more budget-friendly option in many instances.  Our experts would be happy to discuss your specific application to help you determine which option may be better suited to your specific need.

Q: What industries is HRPO+ suited for?

A: HRPO+ can be used in a wide variety of applications.  Typical applications include but are not limited to tanks, tubing, guardrails, appliance panels, light poles, heavy equipment and is often used in the precision automotive and agricultural industries.

Industries & Applications

Hot rolled pickled and oiled steel is used for a variety of purposes. Typical applications and industries include:

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