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Drawing Steel (DS)

Cold Rolled Drawing Steel Coils

Drawing Steel is low-carbon steel with lower yield-strength for easy forming. Use it for drawn parts and in exposed parts where the surface requirements are more demanding than a CS application. Cold rolled drawing steel grades are DS Types A, B and B with Boron, with distinct chemistries that have been developed for specific applications.  We will be glad to help you select the exact grade for your cold rolled drawing steel coils. 

Why Use Cold Rolled DS Coil?

  • Recommended for: Drawn parts and in exposed parts where the surface requirements are more demanding than a CS application
  • Cost: Medium
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Strength, Yield Strength ksi(MPa), Tensile Strength ksi(MPa): Strong, 25-45 (170-310), depending on Type

  • For higher strength and lower weight, consider High-strength, Low-alloy

Formability: % Elongation: Good, ≥ 26

  • For better formability consider Deep Drawing Steel

Corrosion Resistance: Good

  • For better corrosion resistance, consider Coated Steel

Industries and Applications for Cold Rolled Drawing Quality Steel Coil

Cold Rolled Drawing Quality Steel is used for a wide variety of applications in many different industries including but not limited to:

Benefits of Cold Rolled Drawing Quality Steel Coil

  • CRDQS is manufactured with a more controlled process than CQ, which lends itself to be a better fit for an application with moderate to severe deformation.
  • CRDQS has an improved yield and tensile strength as well as tighter thickness tolerances when compared to hot rolled steel products.
  • CRDQS offers a more uniform surface finish than CQ, which allows the steel to flow evenly through the die during production, and maintain that uniform finish through the process
  • CRDQS has a limited Carbon content to allow for more ductility than a Cold Rolled Commercial Quality Steel           

If the application requires more ductility in the steel, Cold Rolled Deep Drawing Steel (CRDDS) or Cold Rolled Extra Deep Drawing Steel (CREDDS or F.) may be a better fit.  Not sure which type of steel would best suit your specific needs?  We would be happy to help.

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