To the layman, steel is steel. At Chesterfield, our steel is as unique as the parts you produce.

Before we accept an order, our Quality Assurance Department analyzes not only your part but also your manufacturing process. Then, assisted by our trained metallurgical staff, we develop a unique recipe to enhance the formation of your part. The resulting steel typically increases your production efficiencies and lowers your unit cost.

Chesterfield Steel recognizes the importance of being both a good supplier and a good customer. Most of our mill sources and clients have been with us for the better part of the fifty plus years we have been in business. Like everything else in life, getting it "right" doesn't come easily or happen overnight. It takes a long-term mutual commitment to achieving excellence. ISO 9001:2008 certification will help insure our journey towards excellence continues to proceed smoothly.

If you have a manufacturing problem we'd love the challenge!